Workout #1:
Graphic and workout posted with permission of Katie Uhran of She Rocks Fitness.
She Rocks Fitness makes me want to move to Houston just so I can go to meet Katie in person and go to one of her classes! She is totally inspirational and the workouts she posts are the perfect combo of challenging and doable. Like, no I don't want to do all those lunges or squats, but I know I CAN and it will be worth it in the end.

Why I Like It: This boot camp gives you a total body workout. Booty, abs, arms, legs: She Rocks Fitness has you covered. Also, the bursts of cardio that the jumping jacks and the mountain climbers provide kept my heart rate up the whole time. It's not going to be easy, but that's a good thing! The challenges this workout provides will keep you coming back for more.

Time & Equipment:
*Approx. 60 minutes
*Park bench, towel

Helpful Links & Notes:
*Check out the post at She Rocks Fitness to get all the workout details!
*Repeat each circuit 3 times and then rest 1 minute before moving onto the next circuit.
*Static Lunges

Modifications: This was the first boot camp workout that I did after nearly a year of not doing a single push-up or lunge! So, needless to say, I needed some modifications.
*If you're just beginning to workout, try completing each circuit twice instead of three times.
*For the planks, if you can't hold one for a full minute, set smaller goals and work your way up. Try holding it for 30 seconds and then 45 seconds until you work your way up to the full minute.
*If I'm short on time, I'll cut the workout down to the first and third circuits.
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