Workout #2:
Graphic and workout posted with permission of Katie Uhran of She Rocks Fitness.
Okay, this just goes to show how awesome I think She Rocks Fitness is! Two of my five favorites are straight from the She Rock's blog. Also, did I mention how awesome I think the name of Katie's company is? I certainly feel like I rock after I finish one of her workouts. Girl Power!

Why I Like It: If there's one thing age has taught me, it's that it's all about the arms, baby. This workout will help you get the sexy sculpted arms, plus incorporates burst of cardio and plenty of leg work to have you feeling it the next day. (Ugh! Will there ever be a workout without squats?!)

Time & Equipment:
*Approx. 45 minutes
*Set of dumbbells (I started with 5 lbs., but am now up to 8 lbs.)

Helpful Links & Notes:
Check out the original post at She Rocks Fitness for all the details!
The first circuit is the hardest! If you can get through it, you can do the whole thing!

*For the cardio, I usually run a ½ mile or jump rope.
*Another option for the cardio is to do a minute each of a mix of "in-one-place-cardio" like high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, ski jumps, skips, etc.
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