Workout #3:
Graphic and workout posted with permission of Ryan Gargiulo of Pause the Moment.
Pause the Moment is an awesome travel website where Ryan writes all about living each day to the fullest, traveling the world, and even provides workouts to help you stay fit while doing it.

Why I Like It: Since this Cardio Crush workout it's designed for travelers on the go, it's one you can do anytime, anywhere. No excuses! It's on the shorter side, but you work hard the WHOLE time. You'll know you've had a good workout when the time is up!

Time & Equipment:
*Approx. 30 minutes
*Jump Rope
*Set of Stairs

Helpful Links & Notes:
*Check out the original post at Pause the Moment for all the details!

*There's a small set of stairs at the park near me, so I use those, but if you can't find stairs, do high knees.
*No jump rope? Do butt kicks.
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