Workout #4 Graphic and workout posted with permission of Deryn Macey of Running on Real Food.
This Killer Cardio Workout is just one of many workouts posted on Deryn's Blog, Running on Real Food, that will totally kick your butt. Not to mention, Deryn is vegan and posts lots of yummy recipes. Seriously, what's not to love about her?! She's the kind of blogger I aspire to be and I'm not sure how she balances it all, but she's certainly doing a brilliant job.

Why I Like It: I am a runner and as some of you might remember from earlier posts, it's a goal of mine to run a half marathon in under two hours this year. That means I need to get faster! Interval workouts like this are what make you faster. I've also read that if you're trying to lose weight, doing intervals can help you get over weight loss plateaus. With the strength moves added in, the running is broken up a bit and you get a killer total body workout. Be prepared to sweat during this one!

Time & Equipment:
*Approx. 55 minutes
*Kettle Ball or dumbbell (optional)

Helpful Links & Notes:
*Check out the original post at Running on Real Food for all the details!
*Goblet Squat
*I like to use the Interval Run app when I do this workout. It beeps at you when you to tell you when to run faster and when to slow down so you don't have to be constantly watching the clock.

*For the goblet squats, you can complete them holding a dumbbell instead or just do regular squats.
*Not quite ready to run the whole thing? For the "easy" time you can walk if you need to, but challenge yourself to always run on the "sprints." Work your way up to being able to jog/run the whole thing.
*Another option is to cut the running times down from 10 minutes to 7 or 8 minutes and then challenge yourself to do one extra interval each round each time you do the workout.
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