Workout #5:
This workout is one that I adapted from a Cardio Strength Class that I took at the YMCA. It's a great combo of cardio and strength, but a little bit easier than Workout #4.

Why I Like It: My favorite thing about this workout is the time limit aspect because it challenges me to run faster and to not take unnecessary breaks during the strength moves. In my mind, I just keep reminding myself, "11 minutes, then a break. You can make it 11 minutes." I also like keeping time because although I have yet to get through all 30 burpees at the end, it's motivational to always try to beat the number I did the last time. Maybe one day I'll be able to do even more than 30!

Time & Equipment:
*Approx. 45 minutes

Helpful Links & Notes:
*You want to run hard during this workout since you're only doing a ½ mile at a time. it should be faster than your 5k pace.
*Leg Lifts

*You want to try to run hard for the full ½ mile, but if you need to walk, do it. It's important to take things at your own pace. Just remember to keep setting goals so you're always pushing yourself to go farther.
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